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MENTOR-CHAIN policies and procedures of terms and conditions

• The ownership rights of all programs and services offered on this website belong to MENTOR-CHAIN, and it is not permitted to be used for purposes outside the scope of this website.

• Fees for the offered programs or service are not refundable, but it can be exchanged for another program or service of equivalent value.

Your personal data registered with this website will be dealt with complete honesty and confidentiality, and in return for that, your registration of this data means that you agree that there will be communication between you and MENTOR-CHAIN through electronic communication channels of various forms, and MENTOR-CHAIN is committed not to selling its customer’s data for commercial purposes.

• Once you use this website, whether by browsing, commenting, messaging, or any other commercial or service operation that you perform through the site, you acknowledge and undertake that you will adhere to professional and ethical principles that do not violate and do not harm the rights of any person or entity, and that you bear legal liability in case Your violation of local and international laws and legislations, and your liability for the public right.

• MENTOR-CHAIN is not responsible for any violation or damage that you do to any person or entity through misuse of this website.

• MENTOR-CHAIN is not responsible for any other information or content that you or any third party post.

• This website will not be held responsible for any damages arising from your missuses of this website.


The texts, images, graphics and the layout of this website displayed on this website are subject to copyright. Violations of this will be prosecuted both under civil and criminal law. Reproduction of all or part of this website is only permitted with the prior written consent of The MENTOR-CHAIN. The individual use does not authorize the transfer of content to third parties. Trademarks used on this website are protected and all rights are owned by the respective trademark owners.


The MENTOR-CHAIN cannot be held liable for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from the use of this website or the inability to access it, be it due to system maintenance or any technical malfunction, or otherwise. The MENTOR-CHAIN assumes no guarantee or liability for the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the information provided on its website. It is your responsibility to independently review the content that is made available to you through this website and our services.


Fees for the offered programs or service are not refundable “unless it is mentioned during the registration” but it can be exchanged for another program or service of equivalent value.

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