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Supply Chain Competitiveness Analysis

Evaluate how competitive your supply chain stands compared to competitors!

  • 1 h
  • 1,000 euros
  • Online meeting

Service Description

As Martin Christopher of Cranfield School of Management once said, "Individual companies no longer compete as autonomous entities, but as supply chains." Assessing the competitiveness of your supply chain compared to competitors is important because it allows you to understand your position in the market and improvement opportunities. Through this assessment, you can identify your organization's strengths and improvement opportunities, pinpoint performance gaps, and take targeted actions to enhance your competitiveness in the market. It is observed that organizations that annually measure the competitiveness of their supply chain gradually achieve better results. Process: 1. Reserve your session. 2. You will immediately receive a Google form for completion within 24 hours. 3. Our team will carefully analyze the data you provide, combining it with market research to prepare a comprehensive report. 4. During the session, we will present the research findings. After the session, Mentor-Chain will deliver the report to you free of charge.

Contact Details

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